41300 Hy-per Cool by RISLONE Super Coolant

Hy-per Cool by RISLONE Super Coolant optimizes interaction between cooling system and engine.
Reduces engine temperature and prevents overheating by using advanced wetting and protective additives.
Improves heat transfer and reduces mechanical heat stress allowing higher power output and less wear.

Proven in motorsport. Contains corrosion protection and lubricants.

Can be used with or without antifreeze, so the product can be used in conjunction with glycol to maintain antifreeze or only with water which may be suitable for bank run or applications where normal glycol may not be used.

  • Eliminates steam bubbles and cavitation in the cooling system
  • Provides optimal heat transfer and performance.
  • Enables increased power output through optimization of operating conditions.
  • Reduces cooling water temperature up to 14ºC in independent test.
  • Does not contain glycol, safe to use in all types of motorsport and racing.
  • Compatible with all types of glycol.
  • Protects against harmful corrosion, electrolysis and cavitation.
  • Neutralizes acids created by combustion gases.
  • Contains lubricating additives for water pump
  • OEM approved - does not provide deposits such as brown mucus in cooling system.

DOSAGE: A bottle, 473ml, processes a system from 12 to 20 liters of coolant.
For larger systems, one bottle is used per 15 liters of coolant or 3% admixture.

*When replacing coolant and for best results, regularly use Hy-Per Cool Flush & Super Cleaner which prepares the cooling system and removes deposits / particles before refilling.

FUNCTION: Eliminates foam, steam bubbles, and cavitation in cooling systems, providing improved heat transfer.
More efficient heat transfer lowers the engine's octane requirements.
Enables increased ignition on suction motors or increased load pressure on turbo / compressor motors, which gives higher torque. Provides fast heating in and warm air in the cabin (heating package). Used regularly for maximum protection and power.

Packaging: 473 ml

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Hy-per Cool by RISLONE Super Coolant

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