44201 Hy-per Lube by RISLONE Oil Supplement

Hyper Lube by RISLONE Oil Supplement reduces 75% of internal damage caused by dry / cold start.
Specially developed protection that creates a lubrication protection on internal engine parts, regardless of how long the engine is not used.
Stabilizes engine oil by improving lubrication properties and counteracting thermal decomposition.

  • Upgrades petroleum-based and synthetic oils to Hy-per performance.
  • Prevents oil breakdown - extends oil life by up to 50%.
  • Reduces operating temperature and prevents foaming.
  • Reduces harmful friction and silences noise with EP additives that absorb mechanical abrasion on metal.
  • Great for engines that have gone many miles or show signs of damage and impaired performance, include: viscosity enhancers.
  • Helps prevent damage to internal engine parts and restore performance and function
  • Compatible with all petroleum-based engine oils.
  • Does not affect new car guarantees.
  • Used in petrol and diesel cars, trucks, boats, tractors etc.
  • For vehicles, industry, manufacturing, heavy vehicles and racing.
  • 100% safe and efficient for wet coupling.

DOSAGE: Add to your chosen oil mark in connection with filling and or when changing the oil. Worn motors can use + 5% increased dosage.

  • Petrol engines - 15% to 20% of the oil volume.
  • Diesel engines - 10% of the volume.
  • Manual gearboxes 20% to 40% of the volume.
  • Differences 20% to 40% of the volume.
  • Gearboxes 20% to 40% of the volume.
  • Mounting fluid 100%.

Package: 946 ml

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Hy-per Lube by RISLONE Oil Supplement

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