44447 RISLONE® High km Compression Repair

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal is designed for engines with many driving hours and kilometers in operation.

For vehicles that suffer from reduced and uneven compression. Vehicles that suffer from oil and fuel penetration “blow-by” get help and help get the vehicle to handle exhaust control, reduce environmental impact and wear on the engine.

Helps vehicles with reduced performance, power, high fuel consumption, blue / grayish smoke from the exhaust system.
Release piston rings, fill grooves, scratches and etchings in cylinder walls.
Eliminates compression problems and reduces friction and wear
Exceeds the most demanding specifications most passenger cars, transport vehicles and truck manufacturers put.
Rislone does not contain any harmful additives that can engine and exhaust systems.
Add directly to existing oil or oil change.
500ml treats up to 4-6L motor oil, incorporating 10%.

Package: 500ml

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RISLONE® High km Compression Repair

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