50040 Red Line Liquid Assembly Lube

Red Line Liquid Assembly Lube is a new, more user-friendly version of our Assembly Lube. It is designed to be used as a lubricant to be applied to all wear surfaces prior to mounting of engine components in order to minimize metal-metal contact when the engine is started and before sufficient oil pressure and oil flow have occurred. Provides 3 times higher film strength than conventional fats based on molybdenum disulfide. Allows long-term storage of engine components without risk of corrosion.

Liquid Assembly Lube is fully miscible with oil and thus does not replace oil filters or oil ducts.

It can be used for all lubricated parts such as camshafts, rockers, pistons, bearings and bolt / screw threads. Use only a small amount on bearing and piston surfaces, too much can make it difficult to turn around the engine.

Do not use Liquid Assembly Lube on exhaust bolts or other extremely hot bolts, these need anti-jamming means.

Technical features:
Color: Red
Timken OK Load 100+ pounds
Rust test D1743 Pass
Rust test 100%
Relative humidity test - 2 years without rust or copper corrosion 3h @ 100 ° C 1B

Packaging: 12oz

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Red Line Liquid Assembly Lube

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