10110 Red Line RL-2 Diesel Additive

    Today's diesel quality is stricter than before, while furnaces from fuel and engine oil are formed. This leads to increased fuel consumption, reduced engine power, smoother walking, smoother exhaust and increased wear on pumps and spreaders.

    Red Line's diesel additives make the diesel fuel  halar  at the same time as they clean the fuel and combustion system. This means more efficient combustion with increased power, smoother engine running, less wear and tear and lower fuel consumption.

    RL-2 selects you who want a complete diesel additive primarily intended for trucks, buses, tractors, marine engines and construction machines. Of course, RL-2 can also be used for passenger cars.

    Red Line RL-2:

      Lubricates and cleans injectors and fuel pumps

      Reduces engine knocks

      Improves the fuel economy

      Reduces flue gases and diesel emissions

      Increases engine power

      Removes water

      Counteracts rust in the burning system

      Suitable for use in marine applications.


      A bottle treats 800-1100 liters of diesel for continuous use. If you want a fast cleaning effect, use a bottle of 380 liters of fuel.

      Packaging: 443ml

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      Red Line RL-2 Ignition Improver Diesel Additive

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