60080 Red Line Seal Saver

As the rubber ages, it becomes hard and loses its flexibility and sealing ability. Red Line Seal Saver adds substances that make the rubber softer and more flexible. This means that seals that have started to leak quickly and easily regain their sealing ability without having to be replaced.

Red Line Seal Saver does not contain any harmful (carcinogenic) phthalates. Seal Saver can be added to any type of oil (mineral, partial, full and full view).

Red Line Seal Saver:

Softens dry and hard rubber seals.

Improves rubber sealability.

Prevents the emergence of new leaks.


Add 1% of the oil volume every 12 months for preventive purposes or 3% of the oil volume during leakage. Use the product for Manual & Automatic gearboxes, End gears, Engines, Steering gears, Hydraulics, Industry, Fuel system with leaking fuel pump and so on.

Packaging: Quarter

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Red Line Seal Saver

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