10040 Red Line Water Wetter®

A unique additive for cooling systems. By reducing the amount of steam bubbles in the cooling channel, Water Wetter increases the coolant's ability to wet the metal surface. This leads to greatly improved heat transfer which lowers the cooling water temperature by as much as 12 °. Cooler cylinder heads lower engine octane requirements. With the help of Water Wetter you can increase the ignition on suction motors or increase the charging pressure on turbo / compressor motors for higher torque. The properties in Water Wetter also improve the capacity of the heat package. This means that you get hot air into the passenger compartment faster. Water Weather is miscible with all types of glycol. For best cooling, do not add more glycol than is needed for expected frost protection. Water Weather lubricates water pumps and improves corrosion protection.

A bottle is enough for between 12 and 15 liters of coolant. Refill with Water Wetter continuously as the corrosion protection is consumed during use.

Package: 355ml

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Red Line Water Wetter®

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