160300 RISLONE® RISLONE® Head Gasket Fix

Regular refilling of coolant fluid.
For large and complex leaks, cooling water in the oil and gas bubbles in the cooling system.

Sounds good, no kids play! Is the candidate vehicle capable of idling for 20 minutes without overheating? Then you have a great chance to pass the job with an OEM approved product. Common to old as old vehicles that the block gets cracking or porous openings. An ordinary cooler seal cannot withstand the pressure. For the automotive industry, we have developed a tool that is durable and repairs leakage with high compression pressure.

Permanently seals cracking and coolant leakage as a top cylinder seal, cylinder head, packing & frost damage in one step. The product is very easy to use while protecting the environment.

The product contains a combination of sealants and 4 different types of sealing particles of different sizes that penetrate into cracks and cracks, and which, after curing, permanently stop the leaks.

The seal utilizes the high heat inside the cylinder (up to 2,800 ° C) and uses it as a catalyst in the curing process which makes the material stronger than the gasket itself. Can be used in ALL water-cooled engines. The advanced assembly works on cylinder heads, and seals all other leaking engine cooling systems better than conventional leakage stops.

Head Gasket Fix is ??added to all glycols without problems.
The system does not need to be flushed out.
Developed for all new and old cooling systems.
Recipes without harmful substances.
OEM approved formulation.

A bottle for 5-12 liters of coolant.
A ½ bottle between 3 and 4.9 liters of coolant.
For larger systems, a bottle is used per 12 liters of coolant. 624g processes engines up to 4 and 6 cylinders engines.

Content: 624g

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