44502 RISLONE® Transmission Stop Slip With Leak Repair

Do you have sluggish, uneven, jerky, windy transmission or leakage?

Transmission Stop Slip contains a special composition of viscosity enhancers, wear reducers and EP additives to solve most transmission problems. The additives eliminate sluggish shifting and driving while reducing wear. Eliminates slipping, temperature spikes, noise and whining. A system that leaks, loses fluid lives dangerously. RISLONE is the solution and can be added directly to existing oil / liquid and or when changed.

Updated for all transmission fluids without affecting warranties. The additive replaces existing additives.

For ALL transmission fluids.

Reconstructs automatic transmission straps and couplings from slipping.
Stops transmission fluid leakage.
Eliminates sluggish shifting.
Reduces noise, buzzing and whining.
Reduces friction, wear and protects affected components.
Adapted even for vehicles with poorly maintained transmission.
Lowers operating temperature which is the cause of most transmission damage.
Compatible with ALL types of transmission fluid.
For manual, automatic, front and rear transmission. Not for CVT transmission then another product is recommended.
Can be used in all light and heavy vehicles.


An entire bottle for a regular passenger car. Other systems dosing 10-15% of the volume of liquid. In the event of major problems, a treatment is run throughout the system, replacing all the fluid after a while, and increasing the dosage slightly for best protection and elimination of problems.

Content: 946ml

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RISLONE® Transmission Stop Slip With Leak Repair

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