10010 Red Line Fuel System Cleaner Additive

Today's gasoline and engine oil, of lower quality, slowly form coatings in the fuel system that are eventually noticed in the form of starting difficulties, jerky running, poorer exhaust values ??and higher fuel consumption. Red Line's petrol additive is unique, partly because it effectively removes coatings throughout the fuel system, but also because it lubricates the system's all mechanical components. The result is less wear, better engine running, more performance and cleaner combustion. Fuel System Cleaner is also a gasoline stabilizer. A bottle of about 60 liters of gasoline stabilizes / preserves gasoline for up to one year. Can be used for all petrol-powered 2- and 4-stroke engines.

Red Line Fuel System Cleaner:

Prevents knocking and glowing.
Prevents hesitations and twitches when throttling.
Clean carburetor.
Clean diffuser.
Removes water.
Counteracts rust in the fuel system.
Clean intake valves from coatings.
Lubricates and cleans the combustion chamber.
Lowers fuel consumption.
Provides increased combustion with considerably smaller exhaust particles.
Stabilizes gasoline for up to one year.

A bottle of SI-1 for a tank of petrol (60-80 liters) was 1000 miles. Or in the case of continuous lubrication requirements in fuel systems that harder, use a bottle of SI-1 to 350 liters of gasoline.

Package: 443ml

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Red Line Fuel System Cleaner Additive

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