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Storing personal data
The main purpose is that it will be faster for you already in our e-shop. By registering an account in our e-shop, you agree that we store your personal information for a certain period of time.
If no activity / purchase is made for a maximum of 12 months, your account and then your personal information will be deleted from our system.
For you who choose not to register an account but instead uses the Guest Account, your personal data will be stored for a maximum of 3 months before they are deleted from our system.

The principal objective of improving the experience for visitors to the site are collected continuously collect information about visitors to the site. This collection is made of data takes place with through the so-called cookies. Through analysis of collected data obtained the possibility to both improve the editorial contains as to provide more relevant and customized products from our suppliers. 

Servers, software and other items used in the IT environment in which the site is on-line can automatically collect information about visitors that is stored in the log filter. 
You can in your browser to make different types of setting that allows you to not accept cookies. Read through the text to your browser for information on how to do this. If you choose not to receive cookies, it may affect how the site works in your browser. 

Questions and thoughts about this, feel free to contact us.