50010 Red Line CV-2 full synthetic EP grease

Red Line CV-2 grease is formulated to withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures that occur in wheel bearings, drive knobs and ball joints. The excellent temperature stability, the protection against high loads and the water protection makes it possible for the product to over-gloss the best of conventional fats, both mineral and synthetic.

CV-2 can be used in a wide range of applications within a temperature range of -70°C to 260°C. CV-2 provides very good oxidation and corrosion protection, low evaporation and low oil separation and minimal impact on rubber seals. The exceptional high pressure protection as well as the good flow properties of the synthetic grease enable an increase in the life of the bearing by 200% to 800%.

Red Line CV-2 grease can also be used in industrial applications, for example in stock for high-temperature generators, high-speed ball bearings, bearings for belt conveyors, worm gears, servo mechanisms and applications where vibrations can cause abrasion and corrosion.

Red Line CV-2 grease maintains its consistency and high load performance under high temperatures and high shear loads over long periods of time, increasing the performance of lubricated components. Red Line CV-2 darkens after being used in high temperatures, this color change does not affect the fat properties.

Package: 397gram

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Red Line CV-2 fullsyntetiskt EP-fett

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