34102 RISLONE® Nano Prime Oil & Oil Additive

Protect the turbo, maximize power and protect the engine without compromise. Nano Prime is rated for the latest and highest demands in lubrication technology.

The market's main oil additive with latest classification, hybrid technology and research, we secure and upgrade ALL existing oils. Long-term tests show that the additive has enormously positive effects on treated systems. Wear and friction reduction results in lower fuel consumption and the ability to increase performance and stress on treated components.
Rislone is developed and designed to treat, lubricate and clean all hard-to-reach areas such as valve seats, bearing tracks, piston rings and track tracks where deposits and dirt are more easily built up.

Regular use of Nano Prime gives less breakdown and more effect.
Added in ALL oils.
Patented technology without harmful particles and latest classifications.
Add in the oil preventive or in case of problems.
OEM approved formulation.
Silences noise from valves and lifts and releases piston rings.

Superconcentrate 500ml treat 6L oil, 8% blend. Used for oil change, do not overfill.
Must not be added in CVT transmission, due to the large friction reduction.

Rislone started in 1921 with the production of oil additives, in 1958 we received our first OEM approval

Nano Prime is suitable for all vehicles and oils of petroleum base and exceeds all market classifications.
Provides motor and all moving parts protection and minimized wear without affecting vehicle guarantees.

Content: 500ml

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RISLONE® Nano Prime Oil & Oil Additive

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